I like building websites
and helping people with it.

With a background in tech, web development, design, business, and marketing I love to assist people with their online media and grow there businesses and revenue.

About me

Hey, I’m Mike Smid, an entrepreneur/web designer/digital marketer currently living in Schagen, The Netherlands.

I’ve been designing, coding, and creating content since 2009. I’ve created countless websites, sales funnels, automation, and email marketing campaigns.

My focus is on performance, simplicity, and conversion on all my projects.

I worked with some great clients, helping them use their websites to create a stronger brand and drive more revenue.

Elementor Pro

All my websites are being built with Elementor PRO. Giving you the Pro tools you need for dynamic content, marketing, and styling possibility.

Pro futures included are:


Woocommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. You can create catalogs, and sell physical goods, services, subscriptions, software, courses, and a lot more.

Together with the Elementor Pro plugin, I can create fully custom storefronts, product pages, product lists, shopping carts, checkout, and more!